Conference Programme

NGT Draft programme to date… submissions received in various formats…

Introduction and Welcome
Susan Windsor, Gerrard Consulting (Programme Chair)

What’s “Next Generation” in Testing?
Paul Gerrard, Gerrard Consulting
In this short session, Paul invites all the participants to think about what they see as the new challenges and solutions in Testing. At the end of the day there will be an open discussion with a prize for the most original and thought provoking idea. Judging to be carried out by “crowd-testing”!

Opening Keynote: Testing As An Activity
Stephen Janaway, Net-à-Porter
Recently I’ve started to come to the belief that we can solve a lot of our problems if we just start to think differently about testing. Instead of thinking about software testing only as a distinct discipline, we should to start to think about it as an activity. After all, testing is just that, an activity. It’s something we do. Something we’d love others to do more. James Bach likes to define software testing as a performance, and what is a performance without some activity to perform?
In this presentation I will explain why we should start to think of testing as an activity, what the benefits are that this could bring, and discuss how teams can work in a more efficient and cross-functional way as a result.

Testing as a Cultural Norm
Dan North, Dan North & Associates Ltd

Dan thinks of testing as a cultural norm or a mind-set more than an activity and sees the role of a tester as getting everyone into that mind-set rather than just carrying out the activity of testing. Dan will challenge the concept of Testing as an Activity and welcomes audience participation in the debate!

Title TBA, [Smart Testing and Agile Development: the winning combination?]
Stevan Zivanovich, Infuse Consulting Limited, Breaking Through The Barriers Ltd

Case study: Test Smart, Dress Smart: Mobile Testing in a Fashion Industry Context
Nehir Yelkovan & Francois Le Notre, Net-à-Porter
The competitive world of mobile native apps requires constant innovation and a high level of quality to keep customers engaged. Since mobile testing is fairly new and growing discipline we often have to tackle new mobile features, and the unknown variable raises the risk and increases the pressure on the quality of our testing.

Luckily we found out, while working in the dynamic and competitive fashion industry, that there was an unsuspected gold mine of tools and information available to mobile native app testers. As we share this with you, you will thrive on new sources of inspiration, which will lead you to the ultimate wish of a stylish tester: test smart, dress smart.

Feedback Session: What’s “Next Generation” in Testing?
Open discussion, hosted by Paul Gerrard, Gerrard Consulting
During the day, participants have been invited to think about the new challenges and solutions in Testing. Now there is an open discussion with a prize for the most original and thought provoking idea. Judging to be carried out by “crowd-testing”!


10th Next Generation Testing Conference “Testing as an Activity”
26 June 2014, London